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Quality Assurance

Never shying away from improving our quality level, we are focused to pave our way into the hearts of our clientele with the help of our unbeatable range's quality including products like Kids Plastic Lunch Boxes and Plastic Pencil Boxes. Our plastic collection's compliance with high quality and design standards have made us one of the leading brand in the market. We also make sure that the boxes, glasses and other products are absolutely flawless. It is also made sure that they have a smooth bump free surface, and are cleaned properly prior to their delivery. To confirm such excellence, we have appointed a special team of quality controllers which conducts strict checks on the range. Our management is constantly trying to implement new quality policies to enhance our quality level even more in the future.

Recycling of Plastic

Being a responsible business, we focus on preventing damage to environment. To do so, we have made strong connections with the exporters working in Mumbai, they recycle our products by using them in making PET bottles, plastic cans & bags and or many other purposes. Our plastic products are collected by them from waste by segregating plastic from non-plastic materials. Then, these plastic materials are shaped as a huge cube which is later on crushed and processed further. After that, these distinct types of materials which are useful for different purposes are provided to companies that make their products out of recycled waste. Now question arises that what does the numbers and symbols that are encrypted behind plastic products means. There are many types of symbols that helps users in identifying what kind of plastic was used to make the plastic item and the number of time it has been recycled. For example the recycling sign with number 2 is a symbol for HDPE (high-density polyethylene).

Use of Virgin Plastic

Virgin plastic is considered one of the best quality plastic which we use to create our flawless array. Our collection is made out of purest quality virgin plastic that helps us in forming robust and more Eco-friendly product than other plastic products available in the market. So by choosing our brand clients just not select a defect free collection but also contributes towards maintaining environmental balance of the planet.

Industries Where Our Products are Used!

  • Clothing Industries: We have been also an active contributor to the clothing and fashion industries, we provide them with beautiful jewelry boxes that helps them in presenting their products with elegance.
  • Food Industry: One of the most loyal clients of our company belongs to the food industry, they choose our offered Plastic Bowls, Jars, Trays and Glasses. We also offer exceptional quality food containers, this has also strengthened our position in the market.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Since our inception, we have worked hard to provide pharmaceutical companies with best and contamination free packaging solutions and more.
  • Kids & School: Our offered Kids Plastic Lunch Boxes and Plastic Pencil Boxes have also made us famous among children that use our products as essential supplies for school. 

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